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Hybro Team started on developing Apps, Games and IT Products. Everything begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one.

We wanted to use Apps to make our users feel more simple when using their mobile device to do productivity work, by offering a convenience and user-friendly app they can trust.

Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals has dedicated to developing apps, games, etc that make people feel greater and simpler than ever.

It was all started since the middle of February 2017, which is before the valentines day. We got a small idea: making a great app.

But, not only a small app – a better way of working, living and relaxing, we want to make the world better than ever!

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Our Developers



I’m a student who loves creating apps, websites and anything about IT. I created this Team with my friends for creating a series of convenience & user-friendly app that can trust.


Developer & CTO

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App & Template Developer

A student that is passion in programming, especially in Android. Also learning different kinds of programming language by self-studying.


App Developer

A student who loves IT and Create Apps


Technical Management Officer (TMO) & Web Engineer/Developer of Hybro

A 16 year's old student who know Java, HTML and PHP. I am interesting in building Game and useful apps . Enjoy with my Team Mates and Trying to give my best on work i do.


Community Manager & Web Engineer


Component & Java Developer

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More App will be created soon !